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Setting up software from the dying laptop

An interesting Q&A about setting up software from the dying laptop

Patrick Marshall

Special towards the Dallas Occasions

Q: I've got a copy from the full Microsoft 'office' suite on the dying laptop. I simply purchased a new laptop that's offering us a free Office light suite, but I must just load the entire meal deal that's on my small dying laptop. (I've the disk.) How do i do that but still get updates towards the suite? The suite was initially authenticated alternatively laptop.

Also, I've got a Linksys router however i don't remember exactly what the password is, and i'm running unsecured. How do you discover that out or totally reset a brand new password to secure my wireless router?

Finally, I personally use a Hotmail take into account my email. I wish to have the ability to use my email account with Outlook, however i don't believe I'm able to use my Hotmail account.

a Daniel B. Clarke, Dallas

A: I have got great news for you personally on all counts. First, just un-install Office about the old laptop after which do the installation about the brand new one. It will authenticate all right.

Whether it does not, call the folks at Microsoft's authentication line. They'll request a couple of questions before providing you with an activation code.

For your Linksys router, you will need to totally reset the router after which make use of the default password. With respect to the model, you will find a totally reset button at the base or the rear of the system. You will find the default password inside your manual, however i believe that it is admin. Should you encounter any troubles, call Linksys tech support.

And, yes, you have access to mail inside your Hotmail account through Outlook. Just visit the Add Account utility and stick to the directions for adding a POP3 email account. (The precise steps for dealing with the Add Account utility rely on the version of Outlook you are using. If you cannot think it is, just look "add account" within the help utility.)

Q: I've got a question about email in Microsoft 'office' Outlook 2007. After removing and re-installing my software because of some type of computer problem, the majority of my email now includes "[Junk e-mail]" within the subject line, despite I put contacts on my small "Safe List." I wish to eliminate this annoying feature, but can't take action, nor can my computer consultant. Are you able to help?

a Nancy Mueller

A: That designation as junk e-mail has been placed at among three locations: because of your email provider, with a network email server, or at the computer. If you're getting your email submitted from, say, a company email server, seek advice from the administrator. In the event that's not the situation, and when your email company does not come with an answer, determine for those who have installed an anti-junk e-mail add-in on your pc. If that's the case, disable the add-in and find out in the event that solves the issue.

Q: A current column pointed out using online password management tools and that i question should you could elaborate about this somewhat as I'm not sure anything about them. How can they work? The number of passwords should i have to possess? May be the password saved on cloud computing and who controls that?

a Whiteknight, Inserting In Tech Forum member

A: Online password management tools simply permit you to save logins and passwords to ensure that, whenever you go to a site that requires one, the info could be instantly completed. The login and password you will need to remember are individuals you utilize to load the password manager when you initially open your Internet browser.

For password manager software, some browsers ?a including Mozilla Opera ?a include this type of utility. Alternatively, Internet security suites for example Norton Security Suite offer online password management tools.

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