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In Samara Region has opened up a competence center free software application

Today, June 3, in Samara, opened up its first in the centre Volga competence center for that development, implementation and support of free software application, BelTA BakuToday-VolgaInform within the Department of knowledge Policy and Pr Staff from the Government of Samara region. It opened up within the framework of cooperation between your Government from the Samara region and Concern Sirius, incorporated within the condition corporation Russian Technologies. Thus, the initial step to construct an infrastructure to aid free software application within the Volga region.

Competence Center, which is based to begin of Samara Open source and also the Samara Condition Aerospace College, has begun some pot project using the regional department of knowledge technology and communications programs introducing open source, training and tech support team to customers, the making of complex technical solutions and certification of software programs Compatibility with National software platform.

Samara Center of Excellence includes an over-all federal network of free software application, depending on which is the introduction of national software platform. Within the framework is going to be produced by the Russian software for those branches from the Russian economy. Furthermore, Russia? development depends on using free software application, and finally to become more than Western alternatives. Their introduction and common will establish uniformity from the software. Coordinator from the Technology Platform props up Condition Corporation ?¡ãRussian Technologies within the person of JSC Concern Sirius.

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