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APC banks on datacentre management software demands

IT vendor really wants to make the most of strong customer interest in unified datacentre management items using its StructureWare for datacentre software suite

IT vendor, APC, has launched its StructureWare datacentre software suite as clients demand unified management software items for his or her datacentres.

The organization is renowned for creating UPS and datacentre items.

StructureWare for Datacentres has developed in the works for quite some time. It combines quantity of management platforms to provide a single pane of glass view for datacentre management, monitoring and procedures.

Basically, the suites gather existing software which in fact had been offered by APC individually right into a single offering. These software items, that have now been re-top quality, it's still available individually although the vendor is predicting a more powerful take-from the bundle.

The traditional management strategy, specifically in the medium and enormous datacentre space is to run as much as 3-5 management platforms to be able to encompass the entire datacentre, APC off-shore sales director, Andrew Kirker, stated. With StructureWare brings them altogether right into a single pane of glass and it is really playing into this complete convergence from it and facilities trend.

StructureWare is available in two components: The monitoring part can be involved with cooling and energy management as the operational component is concentrated more about traditional It truely does work together with resource, change, capacity and management.

The second is especially highly relevant to the datacentre industry now as datacentres could be influenced as energy costs still increase in Australia together with the imminent carbon tax.

Kirker expected this to enhance take-from StructureWare.

There is a huge occupy as there's an enormous quantity of datacentres being built, Kirker stated. experienced this niche for fifteen years and I never witnessed a lot of being built that has increased interest in more efficiency in management, monitoring and procedures within the datacentre.

Existing clients using individual APC datacentre management software will have the ability to upgrade and integrate systems together through StructureWare.

The program suite can be obtained through funnel partners but APC is keen to provide it to choose quantity of merchants qualified through stringent needs.

StructureWare won't be considered a mass availability kind of factor, Kirker stated. ?¡ãWe want partners that participate in the datacentre space therefore we will concentrate on integrators for the reason that area.

APC is going to be meeting with new merchants and be prepared to see some interesting partnership consequently from the convergence from it and facilities.

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